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5-mins with Kendall Flutey

5mins with_Kendall Flutey

What makes a serial entrepreneur tick? We grabbed 5-mins with Kendall Flutey the co-founder of financial capability app, Banqer

What gets you up in the morning?

Ownership of my day ahead. I love that I control where I’ll expend my energy and can make sure it’s on something I care deeply about. I formerly struggled to get out of bed and work for a cause I didn’t feel impassioned about, and after now having found my purpose I understand why.I don’t get out of bed because I have to, it’s because I can’t wait to.

What keeps you awake at night?

Mostly just my thoughts. The internet also doesn’t help.

What’s your signature meal?

I hands down don’t have one. I’m not much of a cook; it’s a bit of a running joke in my family. I rely pretty heavily on others in my life for this, and have been known to forget meals if not prompted to eat at certain times. When it comes to food I’ve got this unfortunate mix of laziness and frugality which means I’m not interested in cooking for myself but don’t really want to buy meals out. I hope I grow out of one or the other soon.

KendallTell us about your favourite place in NZ

Aren’t we spoilt in New Zealand? I haven’t travelled the world extensively or anything but I feel pretty satiated with what I have right here. My favourite place is a spot me and my family like to visit during summer called Breaker Bay in Kaiteriteri. I’m not sure if it’s the place itself (which is a quintessential Kiwi summer setting) or the annual family memories, but it’s pretty special to me.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be kinder to yourself and others. I was a pretty competitive kid who always set really high standards. As a result I could be quite harsh on myself and others closest to me. I’ve softened a lot as an adult. I’m certainly still driven, however I realise that life isn’t zero-sum and I don’t need to beat someone else to succeed. That said I’d caveat it with; being kind doesn’t mean allowing yourself to get taken advantage of, it means always being genuine and having the best intentions.

There is also an optional question -  what challenges do you think NZ is facing?

I’m particularly concerned about inequality and the generational perpetuation that accompanies it. A challenge for New Zealand as we grow toward the next magnitude, towards a population of 10 million, is ensuring that New Zealand is still a place for all New Zealanders, not just the ‘haves’. Starting with a diverse representation in decision making positions would certainly help, but also the issue needs be recognised more widely and more importance placed on it.

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