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Mobile Mortgages in the City of Sails

Mike Zhang radio 936

Kiwibank Mobile Mortgage Manager Mike Zhang caught up with Radio AM 936 Presenters Ron Zhu from Barfoot's Birkenhead Branch and David Zhang from 500 Autos. They chatted banking, houses and what you should know when buying in Auckland.

What does MMM mean?

"We can come to you at the location and time you prefer, and provide tailored home loan solutions. Including purchasing a property, refinance, construction and bridging home loan. We make getting a home loan experience easy and smooth for the customer."


我是kiwibank 移动贷款经理。 为客户提供上门服务,我们可以在客户指定的时间和地点见面, 帮您完成您的贷款业务。包括买房做预批,贷款转银行业务,建筑贷款。我们尽可能提供客户更全面快捷便利的服务。

We hear about how hard to get in the first home, what do you see in the market?

"We see many first home buyers (FHB) in the West Auckland, Hobsonville area. Under Welcome Home Loans, FHB can withdraw their KiwiSaver once they have been contributing to their KiwiSaver fund for more than three years, plus if they meet certain criteria, it might be possible for them to get Home Start grant from the Government. For a new property, the maximum an eligible couple might be able to get for a HomeStart grant is $20,000 ($10k each). For existing property, the maximum is $10k ($5k) each. 

There's also a property price cap under the Welcome Home loan, For new property, this will have a max of $650k and for existing property $600k for the Auckland area. At a 10% deposit, this would mean a deposit of $65k or $60k (which can come from KiwiSaver, a Homestart Grant, other saving and gifting etc.)

But there is an income cap on the Welcome Home Loan and grant, that's $130k for a couple and $85k if you're buying on your own."


我们看到很多首次职业者在西区 Massey, Henderson and hobsonville,北岸入门的区域 Birkdale, Beach Heaven or Glenfield比较活跃。我们银行有推广政府的欢迎首次置业者的房贷计划welcome home loan,只需要10%的首付, 很多首次置业者可以取出kiwisaver政府推行的养老金计划做为首付款的一部分。只要您已经在养老金计划满3年了。条件满足的情况下,首次置业者还可以得到政府补助,买新房,两位申请人最多可以拿到2万刀,每人1万。 如果是二手房,两位最多可以拿到1万刀。




There has been an increase in apartment lending, what does Kiwibank do in the apartment lending area?

"You might even get a loan down to 40sqms with Kiwibank, not including balcony, storage or car park. The LVR requirement for an apartment is good in general."



What does KB offer compared to other banks?

"We offer free refinancing, this only applies to lending in personal names, no trust, or companies (LTC’s) though. This is due to these being more technical and requiring solicitor involvement. 

We're also great at helping get first home buyers onto the housing ladder."




What is the difference between a banker and broker?

"Firstly, the turn around time -a banker can get approval on the same or second day. A broker will have to go through a broker unit.

Then it's about options - A banker provides home loan product for one particular bank (and knows it really well). A Broker can provide home loan product for different banks.

A Banker will be able to help you with creating the best package options for you, they can assist with other banking product ie account, credit card etc. A Broker will mainly look at the home loan.

To summarize, both will provide a home loan solution to achieve a customer’s financial goals."


批款时间 - 通常直接找银行的贷款经理会快一些,可以当天或者隔天拿到预批。贷款经纪要把材料递到银行的部门去批,要看这个部门处理贷款时间而定。

贷款选择 - 贷款经纪提供不同银行的贷款服务。银行贷款经理只提供他所在银行的贷款服务。

业务 - 银行经理还可以帮你直接处理其他放贷以外的业务,账户,信用卡,保险等等。贷款经纪只负责贷款业务。


Kiwibank Mobile Mortgage Managers are mobile for a reason. They meet Kiwi's all over New Zealand, walking them through the in's and out's of home buying from the comfort of your own couch, dinner table or local cafe. Together with our Banking Consultants, they're the experts in home loans, helping tailor your mortgage and repayments to suit your personal circumstances. Want to find out more? Talk to an expert.