New Zealander of the Year

Julie Chapman: NZer of the Year Finalist 2015

“Basically she started in her garage…and then she has just expanded it.”

When it comes to helping those in need, Julie Chapman knows that the best place to start is close to home. Julie is the CEO and founder of KidsCan, which in 2015 celebrates 10 years of providing the basics for Kiwi children living in poverty.

There’s no question that Julie is the driving force behind the organisation—a visionary leader who had a dream to improve the lives and education outcomes of New Zealand’s most vulnerable kids. 

As a result of her determination and tenacity, thousands of Kiwi kids’ lives have been improved immeasurably—which ultimately benefits the entire country.

Julie’s work has put the issue of child poverty in New Zealand firmly on the table—an issue that until recently many Kiwis weren’t even aware of. Her work has created and cemented relationships between business, communities and governments—working together to enable a brighter future for the Kiwi kids that need a helping hand that they wouldn’t otherwise get.

In 2008, Julie was recognised as a Sir Peter Blake emerging leader. 

NZOTY - Julie Chapman