Kiwibankers on the move


If you’re a Wellington resident, you might have seen some familiar faces zipping around the capital on green-emblazoned metal machines.That’ll be Kiwibankers enjoying our newest, cheapest and eco-friendliest form of getting around: our Kiwibank-branded microscooters.

As a big company with a lot of locations around Wellington,we were always catching taxis to get to those places that are just too far to walk but not really far enough to justify a car. We started chucking alternate ideas around the marketing team, and what started off as a big of a gag suddenly became something we realised we might actually be able to do. When we did introduce them, we realised that other teams in Kiwibank were keen for them too – so now it’s not unusual to see flocks of Kiwibankers riding our special branded scooters around the capital.

On a practical level, it’s given Kiwibankers another option to get around – something that’s a bit fun and different. On another level,it’s really been a “surprise and delight” to Kiwibankers, reminding our staff that we’re an innovative crowd of people who look outside the box to solve challenges (and have a good time doing it).

And it’s not just Kiwibankers that stand to benefit from our new found scooting. We believe in running our business in a sustainable way – as our website puts it, “environmentally, socially and just plain nicely.” Saving on those taxi rides is a really positive outcome that’s been derived from the scooters – both in savings and in the environmental impact. Fewer cars, more scooters — it’s got to be a good thing, right?