Our big news


Do you know why Kiwibank was born?

To lay down a challenge to the banking industry – we would bring banking home and stop profits flying out the door and into the pockets of other countries. We would help make all Kiwis better off – not just our customers.14 years later, we’ve grown from a great idea to a brilliant success story and an entire financial services group. We deliver profits that stay right here in this country, making a real contribution.

Now, the news gets even better. Recently Kiwibank, as part of Kiwi Group Holdings, was bought by a group of important New Zealand organisations, including ACC and the New Zealand Super Fund. They wanted to support a successful company with the well being of New Zealanders at its heart, and found everything they wanted in Kiwibank.

Even more, our profits will make a direct difference to you and this place we call home.

Now, more than ever, Kiwibank is all of ours.