The Conservation Conversation

What does Predator Free look like?

Week 6 Summer Illustration

To celebrate summer and New Zealanders taking up the conservation challenge, Kiwibank worked with local artist Giselle Clarkson to take a glimpse at our future. 

The six part social series peeked into the banks partnerships with the Department of Conservation and the Predator Free New Zealand Trust and encouraged Kiwis to take part in protecting their backyard. 

Take a look!

Week 1 Summer Illustration

1 - Seriously stunner summer! Perfect weather for camping by the beach, kayaking, fishing, and enjoying summer song - courtesy of a cicada serenade. An interested Kakariki and active Tieke look on.

Week 2 Summer illustration

2 - Waitangi weekend at Tiritiri Matangi! A takahe and kokako doing a bit of photobombing. In the background is a family walking around and a conservation dog with her handler.

Week 3 Summer illustration

3 - Dusk on the beach! It's not just in the trees that you'll find New Zealand native birds, as an island we're surrounded by opportunities for our beautiful shorebirds to thrive.

Week 4 Social Illustration

4 - At a moment's notice, he's ready to don his coat and set his nose to the ground. Life as a Conservation Dog for the Department of Conservation is exciting but takes a lot of talent and training! Conservation Dogs look after more than just birds though, they also help conservation efforts for natives like geckos, weta and kauri snails. 
Check out a day in the life of Miriam and Woody to find out more. 

Week 5 Summer illustration

5 - Big or small, it’s possible to bring our beautiful native birds back to your backyard. Check out the waxeyes on the bird feeder, the cheeky pukeko enjoying a wee paddle, the fantails flitting and the sacred kingfisher chilling on the powerline.
This Predator Free community is doing it's bit for the birds with a trapping tunnel by the house and a good nature trap on the lemon tree.

Week 6 Summer Illustration

6 - Back to work or school doesn’t have to mean back to routine. With our cities and towns becoming more predator-free, our wildlife is starting to flock back. Challenge yourself this autumn by stepping up to the conservation challenge!

 We know the Conservation challenge is bigger than each of us, but it’s not bigger than all of us, join the Conservation Conversation